4th Quarter Performance 2017 - Technical Performance of Jakarta Water OperatorsDOWNLOAD  

26 February 2018

BRPAM has conducted a performance evaluation of Jakarta Waterford service operators (PALYJA and Aetra) in Q3 2017, which is October-December 2017 period. In the 4th Quarter of 2017, drinking water services are both technical indicators in the West (PALYJA) and East (Aetra) of DKI Jakarta has improved compared to 3rd Quarter of 2017. The improvement occurred in all parameters, namely service, number of connections, air production, air volume sold and air loss.

If the parameter parameters are reviewed against performance indicators in 2017 on the side of the Parties (PAM Jaya Bersama Mitra Operator), then for the West and East region at the end of 2017 has reached the target on the parameters of water production volume (production). As for the parameters of air volume sold (volume sold), service coverage (coverage), number of connections (connection), and level of water loss (non water revenues, NRW) has not been achieved. Until 2017, Jakarta's sales volume reached 98.79% of 2017 target, 81.44% coverage, 93.6% of total customer connections, and air loss rate is still above the target of 2017. The recommended results report send BRPAM to PAM Jaya and DKI Government through BPBUMD.

The financial statements, the financial statements are attached. Reports containing performance, service and financial information with evaluation parameters are parameters agreed in the MCC (Collaboration Agreement between PAM Jaya, as First Party with PALYJA and or Aetra, as Second Party). In addition, BRPAM also provides advice and technical assistance to the Parties in order to improve the performance of Jakarta's drinking water services. To get a full report can contact the BRPAM office through Click Contact Us or send an email to secretariat@brpamdki.org (SH / dhs).

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