First Semester Performance, Jakarta's Drinking Water Supply NRW reached 4.4 PercentDOWNLOAD  

14 September 2017

The results of monitoring and evaluation of BRPAM on drinking water services in Jakarta during the second Quarter of 2017 recorded a decrease of NRW (Non-Revenue Water) by almost 4.4 percent compared to First Quarter 2017. 4.4% figure obtained from BRPAM analysis of LPSES (Perform Supervising and Evaluation System) from PAM Jaya's partner operator, PALYJA and Aetra. The decrease of NRW in the West service area, managed by PALYJA, decreased by 3.72% and the serviced East area managed by Aetra 5.1%.
The number of Second-quarter subscribers increased by 2136 connections, or an average of 712 every month. The highest increase occurred in the East service area of 2,108 connections. The amount of water that was successfully delivered to the customers (water sold) increased 10.02% or 7.99 million m3 where 63% of its absorbed by customers in the East and 37% in the West. Overall volume sold to Kuartall-2 reached 164.14 million m3, and still far below the 2017 target of 346.55 million m3.

In the case of the increase of service coverage it can be said that despite the addition of customer connections, but overall the percentage target of service coverage coverage for the year 2017 of 1.37% has not been achieved. Even compared to the First Quarter conditions, the percentage increase in service coverage in Q2 tended to decline. In the East decrease from 0.27% in Q1 to 0.06% in Q2, while in the West it decreased from 0.11% to 0.07%.

In the 2nd Quarter report, which also serves as the Semester-1 Report 2017, BRPAM also provides advice and recommendations to the Operator in order to pay attention to the consumption of customers, both for customers who have not used water (zero consumption) or excess water use irrational. In the BRPAM evaluation notes there are simple household group customers (Group 1, Tariff Code 2A1) that use very high piped water, even more than 50m3 / month. BRPAM advises the Operator to take a persuasive step by sending a letter to those customers to pay attention to the condition of piping, household water consumption, water retrieval by other parties and so forth, in order for the customers to avoid large payments due to excessive usage.

As known, BRPAM publishes Performance Evaluation Report of Jakarta Water Supply Service every three months. The report contains technical, service and financial information with parameters set out in the MCC between PAM Jaya and Private Partners. Technical parameters include service coverage, number of connections, water production, volume of water sold and water loss rate. To get a full report can contact the BRPAM office or send an email to (DHS).

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