See Progress of Drinking Water Services, BRPAM Visits ATB and BP Batam

10 December 2018

For two days, Tuesday Wednesday (4-5 / 12/2018) the BRPAM team made a working visit to stakeholders of drinking water in Batam, namely to PT. Adhya Tirta Batam (ATB) and Batam Business Entity (BP Batam). The aim was to study the experience of ATB in implementing an efficient drinking water service strategy and the experience of BP Batam in the joint arrangement of water services in Batam. The 7 BRPAM teams visited were led by the Head of BRPAM, Donna Ria Silaen, which consisted of Members and Senior Staff and IT experts. The first visit was made to ATB (about ATB, and was received by the Corporate Secretary and IT Manager along with other senior staff at the ATB Visitor Center room in the Mukakuning area. At this meeting ATB explained the conditions of drinking water services in Batam, the application of the latest technology for the efficiency of drinking water services, integration of service systems from raw water, production, reservoirs to customer networks and constraints faced. Jamaluddin, IT and System Manager explained the use of SCADA, AIRS, ARVs to support service efficiency. "We even designed and developed our own IT systems for integrated services, not licenses from other parties," Jamal explained when explaining the experience of developing technology applications. Added by Ginting, Corporate Secretary, that with the technology application the water leakage rate (NRW) at ATB was low, at 16%, and the service efficiency level reached 99%. On the other hand, it was explained that the availability of raw water sources became a big challenge in Batam, considering that the availability of raw water sources only relied on rainwater and seawater catching. At the meeting with ATB, BRPAM also visited a water treatment plant in the Durianangang area which has a capacity of 2200L / sec. For ATB's achievements, BRPAM gave high appreciation and praised its achievements. "This achievement is excellent" said Donna Ria, Chairman of BRPAM.

Kunjungan Kerja ke ATB

The next day the visit continued to the Batam Concession Agency (BP Batam) office, located in the Batam Center area (for more details see The BRPAM team was received by the Head of the Office of Water and Wastewater, Binsar Tambunan accompanied by the Head of Waste Water Section, Iyus Rusmana and his staff. In his presentation, Iyus explained the role of BP Batam's responsibility in drinking water supply in Batam, the implementation of cooperation with ATB, plans for future drinking water development, plans for integration of drinking water and waste water services as well as matters related to policy and coordination with local government, ministry and other related parties. In addition, Binsar, Head of Office, also explained that BP Batam's Cooperation Agreement (PKS) with ATB will expire in the next two years, and is currently discussing the termination strategy and follow-up on water services in Batam. "Regarding the cooperation in drinking water services in the future, we must refer to government regulations, namely PP 122," Binsar added. When sharing experiences, based on experience in Jakarta, BRPAM also explained the things that must be prepared by BP Batam in preparing for the termination of cooperation, including the availability of human resources, technology experts, certainty of customer service sustainability, regulatory aspects and other matters .

At the end of each visit, souvenirs were exchanged from BRPAM to ATB and also to BP Batam and vice versa.



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