BRPAM Conducts 2018 Leadership Training

24 November 2018

Leadership is a capacity that is inherent in every human being, which can be obtained through external influences as well as those within oneself (genetic). Therefore leadership must be honed and developed so as to be able to answer the needs, levels, capacity and influence of a leader in the organization or group he / she is dreaming of. In an organization, the success of a leader is judged by the achievement of goals or targets determined by the organization. But in the present era, good leaders or successful leaders are not just achieving targets, but the ability of these leaders to build systems, prepare resources, set standard operating procedures (SOPs) and measurable monitoring systems. In addition, the type of leadership will affect the success and performance of an organization. Some notes from the participants' discussion on the training held by BRPAMDKI, November 21, 2018 at the Santika Hotel, Slipi Jakarta.

Leadership Training 2018

The training entitled Leadership Training was carried out in collaboration with BRPAM with Value Consult, followed by 24 participants from BRPAM, PAM Jaya, PALYJA, Aetra and DKI Jakarta. The main instructor of training G. Suardhika, MBA, who for more than 20 years has been involved in leadership training in various companies and government. The training was opened by Donna Ria Silaen, Chair of BRPAM, who said that everyone must be open in recognizing their potential and leadership abilities, likened to seeing a glass filled with half water. "The glass contains half water, do you see it half empty or half full?" Said the Chair's mother explaining his intentions. Ferdy B. Madian, BRPAM Member, who was in charge of this training also gave an introduction to the training and explained the purpose, objectives and training agenda.

Leadership Training 2018_2

In the training that took place in a participatory and dynamic manner, participants gained knowledge in recognizing personalities, types of leadership, the ability to recognize leadership roles in organizations / institutions and recognize urgent (urgent) and important principles in decision making. The training was closed in the afternoon and participants, by G. Suardhika, as instructors, were given a certificate of training participation, after an evaluation had been carried out.

As known, the 2018 Leadership Training is part of the BRPAM work plan for the year 201, which is carried out to increase the refreshing capacity of refreshing the ability of employees in the BRPAM environment on issues related to human resources. Every implementation, BRPAM includes representatives from PAM Jaya, Aetra, PALYJA and BPBUMD, as parties involved in drinking water services in Jakarta. (DHS)


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