KPAM West Jakarta Invites Community to Observe Location of Pejompongan Water Treatment Instalation (

07 December 2017

Thursday, December 7, 2017, customers and communities in the Palyja service area, from the village of North Meruya visit the location of the Water Treatment Plant (IPA) Jakarta located in Pejomponga (IPA-1 Pejompongan), to directly review the method of drinking water treatment conducted by drinking water operators, especially PALYJA. The visit was facilitated by KPAM West Jakarta, led by H. Sofyan. Number of people visiting 40 people.

At the IPA-1 location, the community was received by the DP DP Manager West Palyja, Loekita Mustakim, and Imawan Kanani from BRPAM. Shortly before the IPA review, the community was welcomed in the meeting room for an explanation of water issues and services in Jakarta. Kanani, BRPAM, explained about the role of BRPAM to water services in Jakarta and conveyed the issue of groundwater use in Jakarta that needs attention, because in addition to the unsustainable quality there are also additional public costs for increased electricity payments and awareness of environmental issues in Jakarta.

Loekita Mustakim describes the area and the West DPP profile, where the area of North Meruha village on Palyja internal system is located in the B-02 service area located in the area of Ex. With water supply reaching 51L / s and NRW 31,9%. On that occasion, it was also related to the procedures of being a Palyja customer, customer class determination criteria, billing payment mechanism, and complaint mechanism as well as the prohibition of water theft and sanctions.

During the visit to the installation, the team was received by A. Fandiagani, Head of IPA-1. By Fandiagani, explained about the process of water production, from raw water to drinking water ready to be distributed to customers. IPA-1 by Fandiagani delivered has a production capacity of 2800 liters per second, with raw water sources to be processed from Jatiluhur Reservoir. Production process through various stages with strict quality control. In line with Fandiagani, Ade Refilino, from CorCom Palyja unit explains why people need to know the water treatment stage, so that people are getting familiar with the production process and how the water gets to the customer's home. So it is expected to arise awareness of water savings and payment of fees.

At this visit, the public also had the opportunity to ask various matters related to the processing and service of drinking water. Faisal from RT 009/01 asked how Palyja handles raw water treatment that has been exposed to plant waste pollution. By Fandiagani, the pre-treatment, treatment and post-processing mechanisms are described. Another question was given by Maman, Chairman of RT009 / 01 on the handling of pipe excavation in the community housing and questions from Fatimah (RT 007/01) about the frequency of water not flowing (dead water) and the use of well water. Various questions answered well and clearly by Palyja so that the public increasingly understand the condition of drinking water service in their respective places. At the end of the visit, KPAM in cooperation with Palyja made the door prize to the lucky participants. (IK.dhs)

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