Socialization of Water Service in Kelurahan Kebayoran Lama Selatan

31 October 2017

The socialization of clean water service to RW 04 community, Kebayoran Lama Selatan sub-district was opened by Maryadi as the Chairman of RW-04 and attended by several RT Heads, RT 001 to 015/04, PALYJA DPP Selatan: Bahdier Johan, Customer Manager Service and staff.

Socialization materials include pipeline conditions from Jl.Gandaria I, requirements to become customers, handling customer complaints and ground water conditions. For the new connection requirements syratnya are: FC ID card, FC Family Card, Last UN and Certificate of ownership of the land / Letters of inheritance if the land from the parent's inheritance. As for the use of ground water is recommended to conduct examination, so that the groundwater conditions are known, whether polluted E. coli or not.

From BRPAM DKI Jakarta, I. Kanani, explained about the task and function of BRPAM. And also advocated the use of clean water from PALYJA to reduce the use of groundwater in Jakarta. Representative of PAM JAYA Denny Haryono said that what PALYJA is doing to serve the people of Jakarta is in accordance with the existing regulations, so that people feel satisfied but there is also for some areas of Jakarta whose water is still problematic.

During the discussion session, Dadang (RT 015/04) said that the effect on his house was dirty / dirty water for a long time, he once ordered the termination of the connection. But despite the disconnect, the usage bill still continues. By PALYJA explained that the termination done is temporary so the cost of bill / rent meter is still charged.

Similar thing is Arta Suraatmaja (Chairman of RT 004/04), which explains that his house is 84m2 but has 2 doors, and he wants to install 2 (two) new connections. PALYJA explained that if you want to install 2 (two) connections, must first be split the certificate (proof of land ownership) and the UN. A similar question was submitted by Mrs. RT 011/04 explaining that there are residents of RT 011/04 who are 25 years old occupying land owned by Kostrad there is no letter, UN and proof of ownership, but want to be a water customer of PAM. On this condition, PALYJA explained that according to the rules of one of the requirements to become a customer is the existence of information of land ownership and PBB. Widianto (RT 009/04) said that in RT 009 area there is no network yet but there is a desire of the community to become PALYJA's customers and want to register collectively. PALYJA explained that if there is no network should register collectively in order to be calculated investment costs and will be installed 3-inch pipes in the customer's location to flow more evenly than if you have to draw pipe ¾ inches to every home that will cause uneven flow of water, in addition to the requirements HDPE pipe ¾ "should not be> 6 meters.

Agung Prabowo (RT 003/04) asked about the installation of fire hydrants in RW 04 to guard against fire, and by PALYJA submitted that related Fire Hydrant to be submitted to Kebayoran Lama Selatan Urban Village or Fire Department of DKI Jakarta .

The socialization event was closed by PALYJA representatives and the community hoped that PALYJA would soon add distribution channels in their location. (IK / dhs)

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