PAM Jaya and Operator Partners Sign MOU Restructuring

26 September 2017
Located at the Balaikung Balaikota of DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, PAM Jaya together with Water Supply Service Providers Jakarta, namely PALYJA and Aetra, the Ministry of Agreement (MoU) related to the willingness to restructure the Cooperation Agreement (PKS) PAM Jaya and Partner Operators in serving drinking water in Jakarta. MOU signing took place on Monday (25/9) conducted by Erlan Hidayat as Director of PD PAM Jaya with Alan Thompson, President Director of PT. PAM Lyonnaise Jaya (PALYJA) and Muhamad Selim, President Director of PT.Aetra Air Jakarta (Aetra), and witnessed by the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Djarot Saiful Hidayat.

In his speech, Erlan Hidayat stated that the MOU restructuring is not a termination of the MCC, but as a preparatory action to restore the exclusive rights of PAM Jaya as a water service to the community directly, the provision is mandated in Government Regulation No. 122 of 2013, which we can use in Government Regulation No. 122 Year 2015 - and the precision that has been developed with Business Partners. "Restructuring will seek the best and fair solution for the parties without putting aside customer service, and the details and mechanism will be discussed in particular" Erlan said.

Regarding this MOU, the Governor expresses the right of water management responsibility. Article 33 of the Constitution, but it can be done in the provision of services to the needs of the community and not just business. "Service to the community, especially low income people (MBR) should be a concern in Jakarta's air services," Djarot said. It also needs serious efforts to reduce the use of ground air in Jakarta while maintaining a persuasive and supervisory effort.

Separately, in the meeting before the signing, Muhamad Selim conveyed that Aetra would form a small team to discuss. In line with Selim, Alan Thompson welcomed the efforts of PAM Jaya and DKI Provincial Government to conduct preparatory steps before termination of the MCC through the MOU. The same was conveyed by Donna Ria Silaen, Chairman of BRPAM, who conveyed the BRPAM's effort to monitor the implementation of the MCC and reminded the parties to prepare for strategic measures prior to the termination, resulting in a mutual desire to obtain the MOU.

Also witnessed the signing of the MOU, among others, OPD BPBUMD DKI, Legal Bureau, Chairman and Member of PAM Jaya Supervisory Board, Board of Directors and Senior Manager of PAM Jaya, Aetra Board of Directors, Board of Directors PALYJA, Chairman and Member of BRPAM, PT.Moya Aetra, and other related parties.

As is known, PKS PAM Jaya with MItra Operator (PALYJA and Aetra) has been conducted since 1998 and will end in 2023. Based on the MCC, the Implementing Partner is granted the right to serve the air to the people of Jakarta, by dividing the service area into the East by Aetra and the West by PALYJA. How to provide clean water, transmission and distribution -. The supervisory authority over the exercise of privileges shall be exercised by PAM Jaya and the monitoring and supervisory authority of targets conducted by the Regulatory Body. (DHS).

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