Djarot: Drinking Water Service for MBR should not be ignored

25 September 2017

Drinking water services in Jakarta should not only emphasize business elements, but should provide good services to low-income people (MBR). In accordance with the mandate of Article 33, water becomes the property of the state, so its management must be concerned with the needs of the community. This was conveyed by Jakarta Governor Djarot Saiful Hidayat at the City Hall of Jakarta on Monday (25/9) while giving a speech on the Signing of Agreement between MOU between PAM Jaya and Partner Operators (PALYJA and Aetra). "Clean water service for MBR should not be neglected" asserted Djarot.

The Governor further hopes that the scope of Jakarta's drinking water services will be improved, so that the use of ground water can be reduced. Education on the use of healthy and quality drinking water should also be encouraged. According to the Governor, the challenge of availability of raw water in Jakarta should be accompanied by water conservation efforts by the community and efforts to control the use of groundwater. "Financing of water use needs to be applied appropriately to suppress excessive water use, by way of setting progressive tariffs" Djarot said.

Related to the MOU, Djarot also hopes that the MOU will provide the best solution for the cooperation of water services in Jakarta which will end in 2023. "The cooperation between PAM Jaya and the Operator Partners is only 5 years away" Djarot said, adding that the cooperation should pay attention to the prevailing laws and regulations. The MOU between PAM Jaya and PALYJA and Aetra was signed by Erlan Hidayat, President Director of PAM Jaya, with Alan Thompson, President Director of PALYJA and Muhamad Selim, President Director of Aetra. (DHS).

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