The Chairman presented BRPAM and Jakarta water services to Prof. Emil Salim

06 September 2017
On the sidelines of the 7th IWWEF (Indonesia Water and Wastewater Expo and Forum) activity, BRPAM Chairman Donna Ria Silaen discussed with the national figure, Prof. Emil Salim while explaining about BRPAM and the water service situation in Jakarta.

On the question of Prof. Emil about the role of PAM Jaya Partners, Donna Ria explains the role and division of service areas undertaken by the private Partners of PAM Jaya, PALYJA and Aetra. "The concept that was designed early with the private pilibatan is for service improvement and professionalism" explained Donna. Donna further describes the history of private involvement in water services in Jakarta.

Against the role of BRPAM, Emil Salim asks: "what is it and its role?". The Chief of BRPAM elaborates in detail and progressive matters that have been achieved in the presence of BRPAM.
As known, IWWEF is the periodic agenda of PERPAMSI (Indonesian Drinking Water Association), which in 2017 is the seventh meeting, took place at Four Points Hotel Sheraton Makassar, took place on 6-8 September 2017. Prof. Emil Salim is a national figure who was Minister Development Planning, Minister of Environment and also economic development observer (dhs).

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