Water Pressure Still Became Customer Complaints Palyja

30 August 2017

To find out the wishes of the community, PALYJA along with PAM Jaya and BRPAM conduct customer meeting as well as socialization of drinking water services in Jakarta. This activity is routinely done by PALYJA and invites PAM Jaya and BRPAM to attend. Thursday (24/08) held a meeting of customers and residents of Tegal Parang Selatan, South Jakarta. Located at the office of RW 05 Kel Tegal Parang, the meeting was attended by residents to convey information, complaints as well as hope for better water services. The event was opened by the Chairman of RW 05, H. Abdul Rahman. Upon opening, Kanani Imawan from BRPAM provided information on BRPAM, piped water and ground water usage issues. Kanani explained that for people who still use wells need to pay attention to the condition of safe wells with septic tanks, which according to the minimum 10-15 meters. "If less than this standard, feared bacteri E-Coli or bacteri salmonellatyphi can pollute. But for sure must be laboratory examination ", explained Kanani. Kanani also explained the condition of Jakarta's ground water level and the occurrence of sea water intrusion while emphasizing that people use piped water, in this case PALYJA, because water quality has met Government standard, based on Permenkes no.492 / 2010.

Furthermore, Faizal and Kusnami from Marketing / Collection of South PALYJA DPP show that to serve prospective customers in Tegal Parang area, PALYJA provides program of Hemat Paket in the form of installment 12 months without interest. Interested applicants are required to complete the terms of a copy of ID card, Family Card and last year's UN payment receipt. Place of registration at KHP Prapanca office on Jl.Darmawangsa or car around. Explained by Faisal that to serve customers Tegal Parang, PALYJA using water source from IPA CIlandak, South Jakarta.

Delivering the condition of Jakarta's services, some customers complained. H.Iskandar (RT 06/07) complained about the low water pressure in his house, Triworo Utami (RT 001/05) complained of non-current flow and poor water quality. Murhana (RT 004/05) complained about the smell of chlorine. While Subagyo (Chairman of RT 001/05) complained about the installation of pipes that have been done 6 years ago and currently the pipeline disrupts the drains due to transverse drainage.

The desire to become a customer is delivered by Sudirman (Head of RT 005/05), explaining that the people living in his RT are interested in being PALYJA's customers but according to information there is no pipeline network yet.

Upon this desire, PALYJA team explained that the community can register as a customer and coordinated by RT or RW Chairman and if the number of prospective customers meet the requirements will be made program / calculated value for small extension process. Clarification and explanation of other complaints are also submitted by the PALYJA team with simple language that easily understands the public in attendance. The event was closed by the Head of RT with thanks and hope for PALYJA to improve its service. (IK / dhs).

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