BRPAM initiate discussion the end of PAM Jaya and Mitra partnership in 2023

24 August 2017


The end of the Cooperation Agreement (PKS) between PAM Jaya and the Jakarta Water Supply Service Partners, PALYJA and Aetra (Partners) will automatically terminate legally in 2023. Approximately six years before the termination period, BRPAM takes lessons involving the perpetrators This termination issue. Located at the meeting room of Lt-2 BRPAM office, on Tuesday (22/08) a meeting was held with various parties directly involved in the termination process of PKS, such as PAM Jaya, Aetra, PALYJA and DKI Government which represented by BPBUMD. The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of BRPAMDKI, Donna Ria Silaen, who delivered it for the preparation of termination of PKS 2023. Stakeholders need to know what to do, so that no one will be in a hurry when the time comes. Donna conveyed that BRPAM has collaborated with experienced institutions to conduct the study. The study entitled Halal Studies Strategic Issues In the Process of Termination of Cooperation Agreement Between PAM Jaya and Private Partners of Year 2023 will be conducted by the Center for Business Research, which has extensive experience in the field of business cooperation issues. "This is the initial meeting, so we hope that the fathers / mothers of the parties related to this termination can open themselves and express their views, when the time comes for the review team to meet, find the data and discuss with the participants" said Donna. The Study Team, led by Dr.Agung Nugroho, a German graduate business administration expert who is also an academic, with Dr team members. Yuliana W., business law expert and business competition graduate and Princess P, master of business law and intellectual property; Describe crawling, data requirements, engineering techniques, resource persons and timeframes. On the presentation of Agung, constructive responses given by meeting participants. Beginning by M.Selim, President Director of Aetra, PAM Jaya Partners for air services in Eastern Jakarta, condition conditions of cooperation status that need to be confused by the review team, both important data, document derivative agreement, asset structuring, agency problem And so on With Selim, Untung Suryadi, Director General of PAM Jaya conveys the understanding and assessment of the employee's conditions and regulations mentioned in the MCC and labor regulations. Profit Thinking is strengthened by Elly D. and Budi.P, greeting Senior Manager of PAM Jaya, which explains the history of the process of transfer of employees during the cooperation and implementation that occurred during this time. The same thing was also confirmed by Ria, Senior Manager of PALYJA and PALYJA team event will open up the crucial and strategic matters to be explored in the process of this study.

The responses and expectations of this study plan were also submitted by Imam Mutalip, Head of division for Food, Utilities and Industrial Services and BPBUMD of DKI Jakarta. The priest views the review team and the experience that the parties have to bear. "We hope that this study will provide a policy view to be taken by the DKI government before and when the process of termination takes place" said Imam.

In relation to the output of this study, Dormaringan Saragih, Secretary of BRPAM, submitted a roadmap explaining the types of strategic issues, activities that needed to be done by the parties, the time period and the responsible party. "The presentation should be clear, concrete, non-normative and easy to understand" says Dormaringan. The same thing was conveyed by Ferdy B. Madian, BRPAM Member, who requested that the agenda preparation study team contain issues and schedules for meetings with the parties. "BRPAM will prepare the required letter for the smoothness of this study" said Ferdy.

At the end of the meeting, Donna is expected to work for the next two months and is expected to work together with all parties. Also delivered the time comes and the study is completed, will be discussed to discuss the findings, and hope that the parties concerned attend. (Dhs).

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