Perform Water Conservation Efforts, PALYJA Appreciation 6 Institutions

15 June 2017

As an effort to build stakeholder awareness of Jakarta's water scarcity and also to build awareness, especially for drinking water customers, the importance of environmental sustainability, PALYJA together with PAM Jaya appreciates to institutions that have made certain efforts for environmental sustainability. The agency's efforts include reducing the use of ground water and optimizing piped water for the needs of its office activities. The appreciation was given in conjunction with the socialization of PALYJA and PAM Jaya with conservation and underground water, which took place on Monday (12/06) at City Hall, DKI Jakarta. Oswar Mungkasa, Deputy of Spatial and Environmental Affairs of DKI Jakarta, said that the formation of awareness should start from the self and the easy things so that all parties accustomed and become the culture. "If everybody consume 2 liters of water per day from usage normally, we Can calculate how much water we save every day in DKI "Mr. Oswar said while praising the socialization initiative initiated by PALYJA and PAM Jaya is. In line with Oswar, Erlan Hidayat, President Director of PAM Jaya, said that excessive groundwater exploitation is also the cause of poor environmental carrying capacity. "The study results show, every year there is a decrease in the face of the land in Jakarta up to 7cm, especially in North Jakarta" explained Erlan. Added by Erlan that PAM Jaya and PALYJA are committed to providing piped water for Jakarta drinking water customers.

The importance of community awareness and involvement in the conservation and control of groundwater usage was also conveyed by Ali Maulana Hakim, Deputy Head of LH and Cleanliness Agency of DKI and Agus from the Jakarta Department of Industry and Energy. Similarly, Dormaringan from BRPAM also reminded the need for the support of the parties, especially the drinking water customers, to maintain Jakarta's water conservation and groundwater management. "Water resilience Jakarta, only 2-3%, the river in Jakarta in quantity is adequate but the quality is not. Conservation is working together "says Dorman, his nickname. Dorman also encourages PALYJA to give appreciation to customers who have actually made efforts to encourage groundwater management activities.

Related to PALYJA's efforts, Siti Harni, Manager of UPP Central and South, explained that related to water conservation and groundwater control, PALYJA actively disseminates to customers, field survey with related parties, checks the condition of customer pipeline network and helps technical recommendation of pipeline network problems in Customer area. "We also appreciate the customer's serious efforts to reduce groundwater use. The results of our evaluation, customers who reduce the use of groundwater, the use of piped water increased "said Siti Harni.

For its efforts, six institutions in Jakarta were awarded by PALYJ-PAM Jaya for the management of ground water and environmental conservation in the Jakarta area. The six institutions are: DKI Jakarta Health Office, UPTD Gelanggang Remaja Jakarta Pusat, Ministry of BUMN, KPK Building, Ministry of Finance Building used by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Affairs, and the State Palace. Alan Thompson, President Director of PALYJA, when giving the award expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the efforts of the six institutions. "This is a good example for us and other institutions, hopefully others get infected," Alan said. (DHS)

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