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Quarterly Performance - 3 Technical Performance, NRW Still Needs to Get Caution

In Q3 2017, Jakarta's drinking water services, in particular technical indicators, improved in four parameters (Sold Volume, Number of Connections, Water Production Volume and Service Coverage) but decreased in one other parameter, water loss (Non Revenue Water / NRW). This is the result of BRPAM evaluation on service performance of drinking water service operators in Jakarta from July to September 2017. The results ...

Kegiatan BRPAM

KPAM West Jakarta Invites Community to Observe Location of Pejompongan Water Treatment Instalation (

Thursday, December 7, 2017, customers and communities in the Palyja service area, from the village of North Meruya visit the location of the Water Treatment Plant (IPA) Jakarta located in Pejomponga (IPA-1 Pejompongan), to directly review the method of drinking water treatment conducted ... Baca Selengkapnya  

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